Eventful Eventing

Eventing is key to establishing or building a brand; where you get to different prospects at the same location and time; an opportunity to host the bash of the century/millennium/entire existence of Mankind… or not.

There are numerous wing-dings that history recounts, from King Solomon, who sacrificed 22,000 oxen and hundreds of fattened fowl for a feast in his splendiferous palace, to a party in 1694, featuring a booze-filled fountain so large that it’s said bartenders in canoes rowed around inside it to serve guests.

To recreate this epic theme, simply take 1000 litres of brandy, 470 litres of wine, 650 kilos of sugar, 2,500 lemons, 75 litres of lime juice, and 2,5 kilos of nutmeg. Serve shaken, stirred, or paddled — and pray your client is in the alcohol industry.

Or you can have clients over for a braai.



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