Why Purchase from You? What is Your USP?

What makes your brand attractive to potential customers, what about it defines it and what separates your product/service from the competition? What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

The sole purpose of a USP is to answer one question: “Why should a customer purchase from you?”

If you can identify that, you will be able to compete successfully and drive leads that help your conversion rate — and, as well we know, every brand needs conversions, else why are you in business?

A successful USP is memorable

Clearly articulating your USP leaves little room for conjecture or misrepresentation. Always top-of-mind should be that potential customers are swamped with options; they need to quickly grasp what makes you different from your competitors, why should they purchase from you, or they’ll move on to a brand that explains their offering more clearly. Your USP can be an easily identifiable tagline or an entire explanation. It’s not the word count or the elaborate language that matters, it’s clarity of your promise that makes your brand desirable and must be directed at your audience in language that they can identify with — and this is one time where you don’t want to blend!

Even if you happen to be one of many suppliers of a specific product, it’s your USP that will communicate to your target audience the characteristics that make your product bigger, better, and more desirable than the rest of the herd. Your USP will drive both your marketing and sales efforts, so it’s vital to be confident — and honest — in this statement, as it’s by this that you will be measured, for good or bad.

A good USP is authentic and instils trust in the customer

Sometimes pinpointing your USP can take long hours of research, brainstorming, and creativity and, if you are having a challenge knowing where to start, think about other companies’ USPs that drew you and impressed you. Draw inspiration from them, even if they are the competition — in fact, better still if they are the competition! Then you’ll get a better understanding as to what about them is so attractive.

Ask yourself: “What is the one specific thing that we can offer that everyone wants and no-one else has?”

The making of a good USP

Bear in mind that the average shopper has the concentration span of an ADHD goldfish so, while mention was made that it is not important how long it is, the more successful USPs that boost conversions are memorable, so best to keep it short and concise, and aim for the following:

  • Outline your company promise to your customers
  • Differentiate your offering, highlight how what you offer is superior to the alternatives on the market — obviously without naming them or disrespecting them
  • Create trust in a potential customer by being authentic. Believe in what you are offering; it’ll show in your communication
  • Inspire customers to purchase through encouraging actions and conversions

What do you exclusively offer that customers want?

A solid USP will be used early in the purchase process, including in all advertising, when agents cold call etc. This message should remain in the customer’s memory long after they first heard it or were exposed to it.

If you nail that, you are well on your way to distinguishing yourself from the competition and proving that indeed you do offer a unique selling proposition.



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