Turning Browsers into Buyers

Turning Browsers into Buyers 1

So, what makes a potential customer become a paying customer? There are a number of aspects that push a potential customer into committing to the purchase, to pressing that ENTER key online or swiping their card in-store. This is such a tentative phase of the Customer Journey, that one daren’t breathe, in case you startle […]

Social Media, your tame snitch

Social Media, your tame snitch 2

Social media is the snitch in the room, telling you stuff about other people—your audience—feeding you juicy insights about your relationship with them and how they really view you — yes, really. It watches every key word, every ‘like’, every comment, search, critique or opinion you post. It’s rather like having Judas Iscariot around, but on your side, […]

Websites call you to “Come visit!”

Websites call you to “Come visit!” 3

Websites are the Party Animals of the marketing basket, inviting you to come visit and stay a while, while incessantly downloading info on you — they just can’t help themselves; they want your company and they wanna chat! Websites come in all shapes and sizes, colouring their language to suit their environment, goal and audience — designed to get you […]

Landing pages, BUY NOW! Bless you…

Landing pages, BUY NOW! Bless you… 4

The landing page is where you push your USP; where you help visitors visualise a better life, where you persuade them that Nirvana exists. This is the Preacher of the bunch, the place where customers are called to convert (CTA), but oh! so nicely. Landing pages are normally attractively designed to mesmerise you, and before […]

A physical store is an experience not only a transaction

A physical store is an experience not only a transaction 5

While brick-and-mortar stores may not offer the endless selection of online, often it’s the experience of walking through the aisles, touching and handling products that will seal the deal, where a digital rendition isn’t going to cut it. Good news for brick-and-mortar businesses is that it’s estimated that 61% of consumers shop in-store, compared to 31% who choose online. […]

Opt in/opt out – sms hopscotch

Opt in/opt out – sms hopscotch 6

The thing about this little Ninja, is that it’s immediate, it pops up on your device, it tugs at your attention to be seen, it relies on you being curious… Actually, it’s more toddler than Ninja… or maybe a hybrid? Either way, the little beast gets you to respond, either dismissively or with eager intent […]

Products online, no jacket required

Products online, no jacket required 7

There you have it: convenience, ease of access, no jacket required. Having products online is super convenient for both shopper and retailer. Online products allow the customer to browse, compare prices, quality, availability, variety and more. No petrol required, no standing in queues, because they browse online products through mobile apps, physical stores, and social sites. What’s not […]