Commercial serotonin

Commercial serotonin 1

All brands would ultimately love to have an army of fans, advocating their products and services, loyal to the death, so to speak. Why? Well, brand advocates are two to three times more effective at swaying newbies to buy a product. You see, it’s their passion and persuasiveness that influences purchasers, possibly because they spend […]

Newsletters, get them hooked, before they blink

Newsletters, get them hooked, before they blink 2

I bet you didn’t know that the average person receives about 88 emails per day. That’s at least 88 people vying for your attention which, science will tell, is a challenge, as we have less than the nine-second attention span of your average goldfish. So, what makes you decide at any given moment what is relevant […]

Social Networks, how do you measure up?

Social Networks, how do you measure up? 3

Social networking exists on the intrinsic need for people to connect, to be seen, to be acknowledged. It ensures you get the info first, to link, collaborate, and exchange ideas. It’s where you get to measure the influence you thought you had, to measure the number of followers, the number of posts, and the number […]

Promotions and other proclamations

Promotions and other proclamations 4

“Oyez”, says the Town Crier, ringing the bell, calling you to gather round. ‘Oyez’ means ‘hear ye,’ an Anglo-Norman word for listen, and you really want to listen to what the guy with the bell is saying, even if it’s just to shut the bell up! Running promotions is ideal to promote latest products and […]

Social Media, your tame snitch

Social Media, your tame snitch 5

Social media is the snitch in the room, telling you stuff about other people—your audience—feeding you juicy insights about your relationship with them and how they really view you — yes, really. It watches every key word, every ‘like’, every comment, search, critique or opinion you post. It’s rather like having Judas Iscariot around, but on your side, […]

Opt in/opt out – sms hopscotch

Opt in/opt out – sms hopscotch 6

The thing about this little Ninja, is that it’s immediate, it pops up on your device, it tugs at your attention to be seen, it relies on you being curious… Actually, it’s more toddler than Ninja… or maybe a hybrid? Either way, the little beast gets you to respond, either dismissively or with eager intent […]