Media, the good, the baa-aaa-d and the underestimated

While no-one likes being called a sheeple, that’s baaaa-aaa-d news, we are led and influenced by the media, with at least either a TV or a radio in our homes.

Even though  TV and radio to some, may seem to come from a bygone era, their advertising content is well received, and viewed as being more credible and trustworthy than platforms that are free, owing to the high cost of advertising in these media. Therefore, both still play an important role in a consumer-focused brand building strategy. 

TV and radio still offer a reach far beyond that of other more targeted platforms and form an important segment of a 360-marketing solution.

These platforms also separate the sheep from the goats, which means distinguishing between good and bad, or superior and inferior. That’s not too baa-aa-d, hey?



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