Direct Email, step aside Rambo…

While email is the 8th World Wonder, its close cousin is Direct Email, the Bear Grylls of the marketing mix. Who else would you trust to ensure that the apt content is delivered to the correct recipient?

Direct Email’s success lies in luring new, targeted customers with an easy to digest format and comes speckled with active links, tempting a quick peek at your brand’s offerings.

This is where a totally committed ‘Bear Grylls’ is given the package to deliver. He grips it, firmly in his teeth while running over hot lava, through icefields, canyons, deserts, swimming through stormy seas, up mountains and down crevasses, and wading through jungles and marsh lands… THEN he squeezes into your inbox and hand delivers the message directly to you, personally.

Rambo, who’s he?



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