Mind your own WhatsApp Biz – Marketing

Relatively new to the business world, WhatsApp Business has morphed from a vacuous chat forum used by angst-driven teenagers (and highly inebriated adults) to vent at the world and spew out graphic details about their miserable lives, the neighbour, the neighbour’s dog, politics and every other topic —peppered with appropriate emojis, just for emphasis — to a fully-fledged business platform, showcasing products and services. The huge drawcard is that (barring data costs) it’s totally FREE and we all know what that does to the human psyche…

WhatsApp Business was built with the small business owner in mind, and if a somewhat indisposed adult or emotional teenager can use it, it’s obviously hugely user-friendly.

One of the methods to draw attention is through the status option, but be warned, don’t confuse your business profile with your private one…



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