Don’t shoot the (Email) messenger

Email has had some really bad press, as it is oft-times seen as intrusive and just plain darn irritating. Who hasn’t groaned when yet another email pings, slicing through your concentration as you (albeit furtively) check to see who exactly is trying to get your attention?

Yes, it’s intrusive, but think, email is an amazing little messenger that runs at your bidding, that serves you unfailingly, (barring data outages) delivering the worst and the best news.

The reality is, email is the unrecognised, unsung, Eighth Wonder of the Modern World, and it’s here, right on your phone and/or laptop, at your fingertips, literally; ready to fly through space, time and the ether, delivering your information, special offer, latest news, wedding invitations, brand updates, newsletters and more, to every corner of the world — within a heartbeat.



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