Opt in/opt out – sms hopscotch

The thing about this little Ninja, is that it’s immediate, it pops up on your device, it tugs at your attention to be seen, it relies on you being curious… Actually, it’s more toddler than Ninja… or maybe a hybrid? Either way, the little beast gets you to respond, either dismissively or with eager intent — depending on the marketing angle.

SMS advertising is extremely effective, with 90% of messages read within just three minutes of being sent. SMS marketing is the perfect method to link up with your audience, personally. The best SMS campaigns are those that drive action; and let’s be honest – as intolerant buyers ourselves, we’re not inclined to follow directions entailing more than a couple of clicks to get us to our goal.

Think on this, how long could you endure a toddler tugging incessantly at your trouser pant, wanting to engage?



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