Creating followers – but not a cult… customer advocacy

First prize for brand advocacy is when it’s organic aka a natural process coming from grassroot level. It is far more valuable than anything your brand can buy. 

This is when honesty counts in your favour and you are not guessing what your clients want, you are being told! It always boils down to relationships.

In fact, following Amazon’s concept, the customer is always right is often the way to go. The company allows customers to leave ratings and reviews, which is not only brave, but a clear indication of self-confidence. If you are assured of your offering, there should be no reason not to engage publicly with your customers, right?

Give brand advocates space to express their pleasure for your brand

You want customers to identify with you, to ‘own’ the brand, for it to be a part of their lives. Think Apple fans, and I don’t mean the fruit here. iPhones and MacBooks are often purchased as part of the customer’s identity. They want the ‘coolness’ that the brand evokes, the exclusivity.

If you can develop a niche market for an original product/service, you’ll have a better chance of getting influencers and brand ambassadors flocking to be seen to be part of your brand. It becomes an emotional experience for the follower, bestowing a leadership role on your brand and creating strong and lasting connections.

Many brand ambassadors can recite life-changing stories around well-known brands, creating inspired followers, all with tears in their eyes. Well, some.

Organic brand advocacy is marketing gold!

Give customers the opportunity to recall their favourite orders and make suggestions for new products or services. While brand advocates are often in positions of power where they have plenty of influence over others, perhaps the most important factor is that a brand advocate is also a loyal customer. They know what they are talking about and understand the benefits of your brand.

Through blogs or one-click access/shopping brand advocates enlist their word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) techniques and gain more customers. Give them opportunities to do what they do best.

Remember, people who love your brand will always support your company and promote your services or products to new customers organically. This is key to creating visibility to an extended audience, without breaking the marketing budget advertising or other traditional marketing initiatives.



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