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The philosopher's stone of brand identity, the ACME. When a customer recommends your brand, and becomes almost evangelical about promoting it, you have their full buy-in. Well done!

Advocacy in Retail Advertising

Commercial serotonin – Brand advocacy

All brands would ultimately love to have an army of fans, advocating their products and services, loyal to the death, so to speak. Why? Well, brand advocates are two to three times more effective at swaying newbies to buy a product. You see, it’s their passion and persuasiveness that influences purchasers, possibly because they spend twice as much on their favourite brands than non-advocates. ‘They walk the talk’, they are living, breathing, advertisements for your products and

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Advocacy 3

Social Media, your tame snitch

Social media is the snitch in the room, telling you stuff about other people—your audience—feeding you juicy insights about your relationship with them and how they really view you —

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