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The philosopher's stone of brand identity, the ACME. When a customer recommends your brand, and becomes almost evangelical about promoting it, you have their full buy-in. Well done!

Advocacy in Retail Advertising

Commercial serotonin – Brand advocacy

All brands would ultimately love to have an army of fans, advocating their products and services, loyal to the death, so to speak. Why? Well, brand advocates are two to three times more effective at swaying newbies to buy a product. You see, it’s their passion and persuasiveness that influences purchasers, possibly because they spend twice as much on their favourite brands than non-advocates. ‘They walk the talk’, they are living, breathing, advertisements for your products and

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Google Reviews Guide

Google Reviews – Get the best from Google

In today’s digital world, online reviews are extremely powerful. They can influence customer decisions, build trust, and ultimately, impact your retail store’s success.. Google Reviews, in particular, are a prominent platform where customers can share their thoughts, views, and experiences, both positive and negative, with your business. As a South African retail store owner, learning how to respond effectively to these reviews is essential for creating a positive online reputation and fostering customer loyalty. 

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Advocacy 2

Advocacy or Badvocacy?

Customer advocacy is all about the customer experience, it’s the voice of the customer, it’s their enthusiasm and passion for your brand — bottled and concentrated, served up often

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